Friday, September 23, 2011

Telecom Gear Virtualization and Spectrum Outsourcing

I wrote last year about possibility of Telecom Spectrum outsourcing. My hypothesis was that Spectrum is scarce in congested area but easily available in country side. Can future technologies utilize this spectrum imbalance and facilitate spectrum outsourcing ?

I got feedback that I am sounding crazy.

Now Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) has introduced a new technology which will enable Telecom Gear (BTS) Virtualization similar to cloud computing paradigm in IT.

This is in a way vindicating my earlier thinking. (Though not in the way I imagined !)

Telecom transmission is function of BTS Power and Spectrum availability. If BTS power is centralized then as a proxy, the spectrum is also centralized . The idle spectrum in country side can indeed help balance the scarce spectrum in congested area !