Monday, February 14, 2011

Manmohan Singh, Corruption and Gandhian Approach

A political satire… A fictional conversation between the two BIG Indian Congress Leaders… Well how it might have gone !!

When Sonia Gandhi appointed Manmohan Singh as PM of India , I guess she might have asked him to follow Gandhian Approach. Manmohan as always must have agreed and said YES MADAME !

After string of scams and embarrassment, Sonia Gandhi called Manmohan Singh and asked, “What have you done? Didn’t I ask you to follow Gandhian approach ?”

Manmohan Singh replies humbly: I only followed Gandhian approach Madame?

Sonia Gandhi gets angry: There are so many scams and you are saying that you followed Gandhian approach????

Manmohan Singh: I am saying truth Madame. I only followed Gandhian approach.

Sonia Gandhi gets impatient: How you followed Gandhian approach? Can you please explain that?

Manmohan replies: Gandhian approach says, wise man should be like 3 wise monkeys. “See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak no Evil

Sonia Gandhi is listening.

Manmohan continues:
When Raja was doing all wrong thing in Telecom, I saw no evil.
When people were saying wrong things about Thomas, I heard no evil and appointed him as CVC.
When I knew about ISRO Devas spectrum deal, I spoke no evil and hence deal was not scrapped.

Manmohan Singh asks in amazement: Where did I go wrong? Madame!
Sonia Gandhi gets frustrated and curses her self: Its not you but GANDHIS have gone wrong !