Monday, June 21, 2010

100 Telecom Research and Consulting Firms

1. Mckinsey

2. BCG

3. Booz

4. Bain

5. AT Kearney


7. Deloitte


9. PwC

10. E&Y

11. Cap Gemini

12 . Accenture

13. AD Little

14. IBM

15. Hitachi Consulting

16. PA Consulting

17. Diamond

18. Monitor

19. SDG

20. Roland Berger

21. Oliver Wyman

22. IDC

23. Gartner

24. Frost & Sullivan

25. Forrester

26. Yankee Group

27. In Stat

28. Pyramid Research

29. ABI Research

30. Juniper Research

31. Infonetics

32. Ovum

33. mmc Consulting

34. Delta Partners

35. Altman Vilandrie

36. Analysys Mason

37. Maravedis

38. Chetan Sharma

39. GigaOM

40. Pike Research

41. Hot Telecom

42. Paul Budde

43. iSuppli

44. Insight Research

45. TeleResearch Labs

46. IDate

47. IMS Research

48. TeleGeography

49. Telecompaper

50. DellOro

51. Strategy Analytics

52. Network Strategies

53. Gerson Lehrman Group

54. Onda Analytics

55. Canalys

56. Information Gatekeepers

57. Technology Futures

58. Technology Business Research

59. Northern Sky Research

60. Tonse Telecom

61. Knowledge Faber

62. CSMG Global

63. Berg Insight

64. Darnell

65. EJL Wireless Research

66. Mind Commerce

67. Informa Telecoms Media

68. Visiongain

69. Value Partners

70. Greenwich Consulting

71. Sofrecom

72. InfoCom

73. Point Topic

74. Telecom Strategy Partners

75. inCode Telecom

76. Detecon Consulting

77. InterConnect Communications

78. Mobius Consulting

79. Kerton Group

80. AMI Partners

81. Asia Pacific Research Group

82. Practel

83. Telsyte

84. Euro Technology Japan

85. Telecommunications Insight

86. Tarifica

87. West Technology Research Solutions

88. Mobile Market Development

89. Terabit Consulting

90. Futures Perfect

91. Plum Consulting

92. Signals Research

93. Senza Fili Consulting

94. Sidecut Reports

95. Disruptive Analysis

96. ARC Chart

97. Telecoms Pricing

98. Red Mobile Consulting

99. Coda Research Consultancy

100. Neu Mobile

101. Arab Advisors Group

102. Balancing Act Africa

103. Omnitele

104. Rysavy Research

105. Northstream

106. Rethink Research

107. STL Partners

108. Mobile Experts

108. Europraxis Consulting

109. comScore

110. Innovation Observatory

Telecom News Portals & Blogs

1. Rethink Wireless

2. Mashable

3. Satellite Today

4. Telecom Asia

5. Wireless Federation

6. Engadget

7. Fierce Wireless

8. Connected Planet Online

9. Green Telecom Live

10. Ira Brodsky

11. Open Gardens

12. MSearchgroove

13. Light Reading

14. TechCrunch

15. Total Telecom

16. Network World

17. LTE Portal

18. TelecomPK

19. Telecoms Europe

20. Telecoms

21. Capacity Media

22. Telecom Engine

23. Commsday

24. Voicendata

25. Telecom Tiger

26. Telecom Ramblings

27. AME Telecom Week

Telecom Government Resources

1. Regulatory Bodies

2. ITU



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