Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Angola : A country whose time has come ?

I read two news items about Angola, a small country in south central Africa, recently.

First news is about crowning of Liela Lopes as Miss Universe 2011

Other news is that IBM is opening its new center in Luanda, Angola

That makes me think whether Angola's time has come on world stage?

Does Miss Universe results indicate future possibilities ?

I remember crowning of Sushmita Sen as Miss Universe ( First from India) in 1994. Around same time India started making its mark globally in IT industry.

To validate this further, the first Miss Universe from China should be in mid 1980's. I checked the Miss Universe list and to my surprise there is no Miss Universe from China yet.

Further many Venezeulan and Peurto Rican ladies have won Miss Universe competitions. ( Countries whose time has not come yet...)

So this is inconclusive. So what about Angola ? Investigation continues ...