Friday, September 16, 2011

How to create Jobs in US?

Technology which is responsible for loss of jobs can get the job back:

1. Use of Technology such as video phone can reverse the outsourcing trend. For e.g. In telemarketing calls, an Indian male face will get better response or a beautiful female face from California?

2. Invest in Technology R&D

The problem of Job creation needs to be analyzed from the global perspective. Global Solution may be creation of additional new jobs for all abilities in all countries. Countries should not fight for local maxima optimizing their job at cost of other countries.

I believe, the long term solution is to create large R&D in further new areas and increase share of R&D employment in total global employment. Once new technologies become viable, market will take care of creating additional jobs in downstream- manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure and services.

3. Technology companies like Apple who have gained from globalization and have more cash than US Government should invest in local job creation