Friday, July 29, 2011

Apple should invest money in the US economy

Apple now has more cash than the US Government!

This sums up the problem in US or Global economy and missing point in immigration and outsourcing debate.

Outsourcing has moved many jobs abroad and immigration is challenging the remaining jobs . While this is happening, only top companies and top 1% of the population is making money.

See this video

Since 1980 US economy has doubled in size but average wages have remain flat.

All the gains have gone to super riches
  • Top 1% used to have 10 % share in income in 1980 which has now grown to 20% income.
  • Now super riches have share of 20% income but 40% share of wealth.

Thats the twin effect of outsourcing and immigration.

Its time the top 1% of the companies and individuals give it back to society and invest in new jobs in their countries.

What kind of jobs is the question of another debate !