Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Will Nepal, Bhutan and Mongolia emerge as data center outsourcing locations?

The two mega trends this decade are cloud computing and mobile broadband. Both will generate vast amount of data and will require out of box data center solutions.

The biggest component of data center cost is energy head and in energy cost the biggest component is the cooling.

The race to green and economical data center solutions is driving companies to solve cooling problem in the innovative ways.

There is an emerging trend to locate data centers in cool climates like Scandinavian countries for non critical application and hence decrease the cooling requirements and save cost.

If data centers can be located in cool European countries then why not in Asia ?

Apart from cooling savings, Real estate and labor cost will be cheap in Asia ( Though that is not significant cost for data center and cannot be a major factor in location choice but every dollar counts !)

Which are cool ( cold) countries in Asia which will be willing to promote themselves as attractive data center locations?

West Asia ( Afghanistan, Pakistan) and Kashmir in India are out of question because of security and geopolitics.

The other cold countries in Asia are China, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Bhutan and Mongolia.

China, Korea, Japan - Already lot is going on there in terms of opportunities and they might not be interested in promoting them selves as Data Center location

Will Nepal, Bhutan and Mongolia be interested?

The above three are landlocked countries surrounded by big Asian powers such as India and China. As these countries were landlocked they were not able to develop themselves as trading destinations and economic boom has eluded them so far.

Will their cold weather help them now?

Interestingly middle east had no economic development till the oil was discovered . Will mother nature contribute similarly to development of Nepal , Bhutan and Mongolia ?


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