Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Will Google Plus succeed ?

I wrote few months about lack of individual and group privacy in current social networks ( Idea 31)

Google Plus has implemented the individual and group privacy with circles concept. This is evolutionary development in social networking and should be successful.

Comments from Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner is that there is place for only three social networks and his three networks are Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. He feels there is no place for any other social network.

If you look at email space, Hotmail and Yahoo were established players when Gmail was launched. There was no need for new email services but Gmail proved to be successful because it was better ( at least for some) than existing email services.

Few users made Gmail id and eventually started using it as their primary email id. Few users saw no value in another email services and they still continue to use either their Yahoo or Hotmail or even Aol mail service.

By similar analogy, many users will make ids on Google Plus and few who like it better than Facebook will eventually make Google Plus as their first preference. Few will move back to Facebook as their first preference. Few users will not bother for Google Plus or any other new social network for that matter.

So Google Plus should be successful and both Facebook and Google Plus can coexist.

( By the way, Facebook users are showing signs of fatigue as recent reports shows that Facebook active users are going down in mature US and Canadian market.

So a new social network is not a bad thing !")