Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BFSI Search Engine: Business Case from Google AdWords Data

Word Stream has published data on Top 20 most expensive keywords categories in Google Adwords and their respective search volume.

It is interesting that top 3 search keywords by volume for Google's Adwords revenue are Insurance, Loan and Mortgage respectively. Credit keyword is fifth in the list

These 4 key words : Insurance, Loan, Mortgage and Credit comes in BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance ) category.

Together above four key words account for 49% of google's revenue generating search volume

Word Stream has give data for Top 20 keywords which account for 70% of revenue generating search volume.

If assume this 70% search volume gives 80% of revenue than four BFSI keywords ( Insurance, Loan, Mortgage and Credit) will generate 59% of revenue.

So a search engine can be made exclusively for BFSI ads, which could potentially have 60% of Google's revenue and only 50% of the cost ( Yes it will be more profitable!!)

In dollar terms, the revenue of this hypothetical BFSI search engine could be around $ 20 Billion annually!

What could be features of this exclusive BFSI search engine?

  • Focus on target users who are searching for BFSI products
  • Provide relevant information to users cutting across noise and comparing different BFSI products of different companies
  • Rating of BFSI products and companies across regions
  • Data and statistics on BFSI product usage and availability
  • Analysis of current macro information and its impact on BFSI products
  • BFSI consumer behavior and analytics
  • Legal and other consumer's hidden risks related to BFSI products
  • Lead generation to BFSI companies

It requires participation of major BFSI companies and their voluntary sharing of product and consumer usage data


For BFSI companies, it will create leads of target audience at much economical rate

Why there is no big BFSI search engine yet ? Or better question to ask is why the current BFSI search engines are not that successful?