Tuesday, October 12, 2010

With friends like Vodafone, Blackberry doesn’t need enemies

Analysts are predicting that RIM or maker of Blackberry is going down with competition from likes of Apple and other smartphones.

Analysts are of further opinion that only miracle can lift this company and this is going the path of Palm.

I had the different opinion. I loved my blackberry and so did I saw my other corporate colleagues and friends love for the blackberry.

I was bullish on RIM other than my personal preference , analysing RIM from Warren Buffetology. A similar analogy: Buffet mentioned that when American Express was going down he went around and saw People using American Express cards. Thus, he was convinced that American express will never go down and he made huge dividends on this bet.

I was thinking on the above lines that similarly Blackberry will never go down. Corporate guys love this and other guys aspire this. Blackberry is like a status symbol or an aspirational value: a corporate honcho using blackberry like he drives Mercedes or stays in a six star hotel or drinks johny walker or wears Armani…

As long as the status symbol is maintained and users love using blackberry, RIM is safe. But that is changing now….

Watch this ad of Vodafone aired on television in India that is ridiculing office guys and attracting a larger crowd to blackberry with tag line “Not just for office guys”

I sincerely hope Blackberry protects its core corporate office guys rather than bending it self to teenage crowd who may any day ditch blackberry for stylus Apple.