Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Telecom M&A Buzz Q3 Jul - Sep 2010

Based on True Rumours and Telecom Research

DoCoMo, Pakistan

NTT DoCoMo is reported to be interested in making investment in Pakistan (Jul 2010) – Economics of Globalization

Millicom Tigo, Honduras

Millicom has got operating control of its Celtel Operations in Honduras (Jul 2010)- Economics of Control

Telefonica, Vivo Brazil

Telefonica got control of its Brazilian operations Vivo in a deal with Portugal Telecom $9.8 Billion (Jul 2010) – Economics of Control

Vodafone, China, US, France, Poland

Vodafone selling minority stakes in China Mobile, SFR ,Verizon Wireless and Polkomtel (Jul 2010) – Operation Excellence

Clearwire, Imagine Ireland

Clearwire is buying 7% stake in Irish WiMax Operator Imagine (Jul 2010) – Economics of Technology & Investment

Etisalat , Suntel Sri Lanka

Etisalat is considering acquisition of CDMA operator Suntel in Sri Lanka (Jul 2010) – Economics of Subscribers

Essar, Vodafone India

Essar group is planning to sale its 33% stake in Vodafone Essar (Jul 2010) – Profit Booking

EVN Telecom, Vietnam

EVN Telecom wants to sell its 30% stake to Strategic Investor (Jul 2010) – Funds Requirement

Orascom Poland, Serbia

Orascom is considering investment in Poland and Serbia ( Jul 2010) – Economics of Globalization

Zain Tanzania

Tanzania government keen to buy 60% stake in Zain Tanzania now held by Bharti Airtel (Jul 2010) – Government Control

Copaco, Hola Paraguay

Paraguay’s Landline operator Copaco has purchased Mobile operator Hola (Jul 2010) – Economics of Subscribers

TeliaSonera, Stofa Denmark

TeliaSonera has sold its Denmark subsidiary Stofa to Ratos , a Private Equity Firm ( Jul 2010) – Operations Excellence

Batelco, Bahrain, North Africa, Asia Pacific

Bahrain’s Batelco plans to invest $1.5 Billion on Acquisition in North Africa and Asia Pacific. It looks to buy smaller independent operators. ( Aug 2010) – Economics of Globalization

France Telecom, Medi Morocco

France Telecom is in talks to buy Morroco’s second largest mobile operator Medi Telecom (Aug 2010) – Economics of Globalization. Transaction completed in Sep 2010.

France Telecom, Deustche Telecom, Tusmobil Slovenia

Tusmobil is being sold to an European operator. It can be either France Telecom or Deustche Telecom (Aug 2010) – Economics of Globalization

Orascom, Vimpelcom

Orascom is under talks with Vimpelcom to sell its operations in few countries ( Aug 2010) – Economics of Globalization . Transaction completed in October 2010

Telecom Italia, Telecom Argentina

Telecom Italia is planning to increase its stake in Telecom Argentina (Aug 2010) – Economics of Globalization

DoCoMo, Tata India

DoCoMo is planning to increase its stake in Tata DoCoMo, though denied by Tatas. (Ag 2010) – Economics of Control

Djezzy, Algeria

Algerian government wants to purchase Djezzy from Orascom. ( Sep 2010) – Government Control

Sotel TChad, Chad

Government has sold majority stake in Sotel TChad to UK firm MidCost (Sep 2010) - Privatization

T Mobile , Clearwire , USA

Clearwire is in talks with T Mobile for stake sale to raise funds for network expansion (Sep 2010) – Fund raising

Etisalat , DB Telecom India

Etisalat is planning to raise its stake in Indian Venture DB Telecom (Sep 2010) – Economics of Control

Etisalat, Idea Telecom India

Etisalat is looking for investment in one the incumbent operator and not ruling out Idea Telecom (Sep 2010) – Economics of Globalization

Etisalat , Zain Middle East

Etisialat has submitted bid for $10.5 billion for majority stake in Zains remaining assets in Middle East and Africa (Sep 2010) – Economics of Globalization

Deustche Telecom, Kosovo Telecom (PTK) Kosovo

Five bidders have submitted bids for 75% stake in Kosovo Telecom – Deustche Telecom, Orascom, Turk Telecom, Telekom Austria, SabaFon (Sep 2010) – Privatization, Economics of Globalization

Polkomtel, Poland

75% stake is on sale and it might go to PE players if none of the telecom groups bid. Vodafone has 24% stake and first right of refusal. (Sep 2010) – Profit Booking

SK Telecom, Lighsquared USA

SK Telecom is considering investment in Greenfield LTE Operator Lightsquared. (Sep 2010) -Economics of Globalization and License

TDC Sunrise , Switzerland

Denmakr’s TDC is selling its Swiss subsidiary Sunrise to PE Player CVC. (Sep 2010) – Operation Excellence

Telefonica, Telenor

Is Telefonica , Telenor Merger or strategic alliance possible? – Economics of Globalization

France Telecom, Deutsche Telecom

Is France Telecom , Deustche Telecom merger possible ? France Telecom is denying it but possibility is there. – Economics of Globalization

Telenor, Vimpelcom

Telenor already has significant investment in Vimpelcom. Could these two companies merge? – Economics of Globalization