Thursday, June 7, 2007

Offshoring and Financial Performance - Growth, Profitability & Shareholder Value

This report evaluates the relationship between offshore maturity and financial performance. Specifically the success metrics of creating shareholder value, improved profitability and revenue growth are addressed and the white paper also examines how globalization initiatives can make a significant contribution to these benchmarks. In the study, the Fortune 500 list is examined and categorized into levels of offshore maturity, ranging from those with little or no offshoring experience to those that have incorporated services globalization to a high degree.

Of the 500 companies analyzed, 77% of the firms have a low or medium level of offshore experience - or maturity - indicating much room left for growth for these companies to fully realize the benefits of services globalization. The report examines the maturity level by industry and how offshoring has affected each of these industries by comparing and mapping the effect of offshore maturity on shareholder value, profitability and revenue growth

Publishing Date - August 2007