Thursday, September 27, 2012

Telecom Companies Plan Renewable Energy Outsourcing in India

Two years back in 2010,  I wrote about need for new business model - Renewable Energy Outsourcing for Telecom Companies.

My rational was that there is clear business case for Renewable Energy usage in Telecom Companies in India and other emerging countries but Telecom Companies don't have expertise in Renewable Energy Operations.

So there was need of new business model - Renewable Energy Outsourcing, where specialist companies setup Renewable Energy Operations and provide power to Telecom companies on kwh basis.

Glad to see that two years later in 2012, TAIPA ( Tower And Infrastructure Provider Association) in India floated RFP for a pilot project for RESCO for 500 Telecom Sites.

RESCO  stands for Renewable Energy Service Company

If concept is successful, there is need for Renewable Energy at 100,000 sites in India ( approximately 20% of Telecom Sites in India)

The concept is interesting. Hope it is successful and Renewable Energy Outsourcing becomes next big thing in outsourcing in India and Globally.