Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Future Energy Scenarios

Some of the possible Future Energy Scenarios

o Wireless Power – Power will be transmitted wireless, Billions of people without electricity will get power the way it happen with cell phone with wireless transmission, battery might not be required in cell phone and other device and may be charged wireless power , Convergence of Telecom Companies with Electric companies

o Renewable Energy and DC Power Homes – Smart grid will enable smooth integration of Renewable energy integration with grid, More and more appliances will run on DC power and ultimately migrate towards DC Power Homes

o Energy Farms – In Future majority of work will be automated or be done by robots – agriculture, manufacturing, army, automated driving flying, service---What will robots need ? only Energy …so tomorrow will be energy farms like of agriculture farms of the past…We humans will work for producing energy for robots!!

Solving energy crisis and sustainability simultaneously

o Energy crisis and Global warming has simple solution. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can be changed in different form

o C+O2= CO2 greenhouse gas and danger to sustainability, future research will figure out to get C from CO2 in economic feasible –energy crisis solved and sustainability and global warming solved