Monday, August 10, 2009

Mayawati Statues and Solar Power

Mayawati is in legal trouble for installing her statues with Public Money (over $300 Million and growing) in UP

Well, she can in one stroke convert her most controversial action into wider international acclaim and even become an ecological political icon

She can convert her statues as solar power producing by coating them with special paint, which can convert solar light into electricity.

This is not a science fiction stuff or a geek’s fantasy. Italy is planning to build a 200ft high, solar energy-producing statue of one of its most cherished saints, Padre Pio

This way Mayawati can also contribute to improving power situation in UP, which is becoming worse with each passing year.

Indian leaders need to think about public utility as well when they plan and construct national monuments/ structures. The case in point is in Malaysia, where government not only build Petronas Towers as monuments of Malaysian pride and identity but also converted them into office space, which in no time became most sought after office address in Malaysia and South East Asia.

If Malaysia and Italy can do it, then why cannot M(alaysia)AYAWATI(taly)…