Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What next for Google? Google Cafe!!

Can it be Google Cafe ? This idea is not that far fetched ..
Friendster, a social networking site famous in South East Asia has tried this.

Probably Google might try it also .."Google Cafe” based on cool themes, the way Google Office Campuses are designed.. Even “Orkut Cafe” might be a good idea.

Which other internet/ social networking site can spark interest as Cool Cafe?

*Yahoo : “Yahoo Cafe”, Sounds Great Idea
*Amazon: “Amazon Cafe” Sounds Great for Book Lovers
*MySpace: “MySpace Cafe” Sounds OK
*Linkedin: “Linkedin Cafe” May work for Some Special Types ( e.g. “Men in Ties”)
*Facebook: “Facebook Cafe” May be can work
*Microsoft: “Microsoft Cafe” No Way

Well that speaks of internet branding and Why Microsoft needs “Yahoo Cafe” to compete with “Google Cafe”?