Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mobile as E Learning Device

I wrote in my earlier post on What next in Telecom ? about use of Mobile in Education


Here are more details on use of Mobile in E Learning

E Learning by Mobile can be used in different situations , each being unique, targeting different users and requiring different interfaces, content, approach, processing capabilities

  • Access in Geographical Areas where access to education is unavailable. For Developing Countries - It could be lack of even the most basic education and for developed world it can be lack of access to specialized education like learning Chinese language etc or Direct Courses.

  • Access in Spare Time - Which can be used for practising lessons as the supplement for traditional education. When I was preparing for my MBA entrance , I had an Electronic dictionary using which I used to solve random vocabulary exercises during my work commute. Now this can be done by using mobile.
    At basic level - It is access to lessons and notes
    At next level - It can be access to customized tests using software

  • Access in Real Time - Most students don’t have real-time access to internet. Mobile can be used for real-time teacher to students or students to students response/ disucssions on questions, queries or feedback ( some thing like messenger )

  • Analytics - Mobile can be used to track students performance, his weak points and can transmit data in realtime to teachers

  • Learning as Cool Fun - Cool learning on iphone with touch screen interfaces than learning on computers or learning in brick mortar class rooms. This cool learning on smart phones will need cool content as well

  • Learning More Easy and Convenient on Mobile than on computer - Making mobile as choice of medium for E Learning. But this will also require making of lessons which are more readable on mobile

  • Mobile as a Learning Accessory- Multiple uses - Language Translator, Advanced Dictionary, Scientific Calculators, Instructions in Voice , Repeating lessons etc

  • Real Time Lectures by Famous, Passionate Teachers -- Opportunity to kick mediocrity out of educational system - Mediocrity is witnessed today in the education system because of lack of passionate teachers. Every teacher is not passionate for teaching and for few it is a boring job which sucks. Using mobile, good and passionate teachers can transmit their real time lectures, which can be accessed by thousands negating location constraint. This can replace the mediocre teachers in the schools thus kicking mediocrity in education. Mobile has the potential to do it as a transmitting medium

For the above to be achieved, one needs specialized content for mobiles (considering in mind small screens, fonts, graphics capabilities etc). Copying computer content into mobile will not help. Not all cases listed above are same. Every case is unique , requires unique interface and content approach

I wish Mobile can spark revolution in E Learning like this advertisement. What an Idea Sir Jee !!